Some people love to go fishing in their spare time. There are a lot of different places where you can fish and also different ways you can fish. You can choose from different types of rods and many other tools that can help you when fishing. You also have fishing magnets that can help you catch some nice fish.

Types of fishing magnets

There is no single fishing magnet that is best suited to use when fishing. Over the years, more and more fishing magnets have come onto the market. A magnet you use while fishing can vary in pulling force, size, N-forces and a number of other things. As a novice fisherman this can be very complicated. When you choose from these magnets, you have many different options, so it can be difficult to make a choice.

Using a neodymium or a ferrite

If you are going to look at which fishing magnet is most suitable for you, it is wise to first distinguish between the different types of fishing magnets. The ferrite magnets are also known as refrigerator magnets. Compared to neodymium magnets, these magnets are very weak. If you are planning to go magnet fishing, it is therefore not wise to use ferrite magnets. The results will be disappointing if you end up fishing. When you start using a fishing magnet for the first time, it is smart to delve into the different types of magnets. You can tell in a fish shop where you are going to fish and with what rods. Based on this, the fish shop staff will give you some tips on what the best magnet is for fishing.

A pot magnet as a fishing magnet

The pot magnet is also seen as the classic fishing magnet. This magnet is round and only pulls on the underside of your rod. There is an eye bolt or eye nut at the top that ensures that you can easily attach the magnet. However, the types that offer an M8 hole often still need a weighting. In this way, the magnet can sink to the bottom a lot easier during fishing, so that it goes deeper into the mud. This will improve the result of the magnet.

How is the block magnet for fishing?

The block magnet consists entirely of pure neodymium which is secured in 2 steel casings. This magnet is protected so you can use it a lot longer than other magnets. The fishing magnet also attracts on each side, which is advantageous for fishing. However, the tensile force will decrease due to the protection.